vox mondiale

Vox Mondiale logo Vox Mondiale: twelve women singing exquisite unaccompanied harmony songs from across the globe. Celebrating the richness and variety of the human voice, Vox Mondiale's acappella singing gives expression to sumptuous harmonies from many different cultural traditions.

The Vox Mondiale repertoire ranges across a variety of moods and styles, including an English folk song, up-beat gospel, a Brazilian love song to break your heart, a Serbian dance song, a Croatian lullaby, a US song about slavery, a famous Roy Orbison number, a couple of funky African songs and a healing song from Haiti.

You can find out more and hear some sound clips by going to the Vox Mondiale MySpace page.

Vox Mondiale was formed in December 2007 by musical director Chris Rowbury and twelve women from around Stamford, Lincolnshire. From their love of harmony singing and desire to explore different singing techniques and styles in more detail, Vox Mondiale are building a unique repertoire of songs from a wide range of cultures and traditions. Singing in three and four part harmony, and always in the original language of the country of origin, Vox Mondiale was delight audiences with voices that are guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.