what people are saying about Chris

Chris Rowbury This is what people have been saying about Chris and his work.

“Chris has got the ability to make you feel you can do anything ... you have a go at the seemingly impossible and then you DO do it! If you ever get the chance to go on one of his singing workshops, I urge you to do it. A life-affirming experience, I promise you!” Fiona C.

“Thank you so much for the weekend. You created such a relaxed atmosphere that this 'nervous singer' didn't experience a single second of anxiety. I absolutely loved every minute of this. The first time I've sung anywhere other than my own front room and I think you've got me hooked on this stuff! Many, many thanks.” Kate A.

“Just a note to say that I think what you do is very, very special indeed. Simple, effective arrangements, and a unique sound from the singers that you train. Well done! Nice to hear practical and pragmatic music-making.

It's rarely I hear work that ignores all the so-called rules in choral singing to such great effect. What you appear to be doing is giving people the confidence to sing using their life-experience as the touchstone for performance – and this, I believe, is what choral singing should hold as precious.” Michael McGlynn, Anuna, Ireland www.anuna.ie

“I had the best of times and really enjoyed the weekend. I think that you are absolutely astonishing and I marvelled at what you enabled people to do. I am not a confident or experienced singer but I felt completely comfortable the whole time.” Martin P.

“Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous time was had with such an enthusiastic group. The topic was just right & the harmonies were magical. Who needs musical instruments when you have combined voices in harmony.” Peter S.

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I will remember it fondly for a very long time and hopefully retain the many things that I learned. If there were more musicians with your inclusive values singing would not be something that frightened so many people.” Ros B.

“You are simply the best singing teacher we've ever had. Quite often we hear you sing a song through and think, "We'll never learn that" ... and then we do. So a huge pat on the back to you.” Iris W.

“Thanks for another great weekend. I always find it miraculous how much we achieve in such a short time. You create a great atmosphere, and as usual, it was fantastic team work. Really inspirational.” Jacki R.

“Superb course and brilliant tutor. Chris is an inspiration and brought the group together and taught harmonies that we were able to sing with great joy and 'expertise'. I will certainly be attending his courses again. My soul has certainly been soothed!” Gillian M.

“You have such enthusiasm which is simply infectious and your teaching style is absolutely marvellous.” Anne P.

“As someone who leads simpler singing workshops I perhaps especially appreciate exactly what it actually means to teach so many four-part harmony songs so swiftly and with such grace, ease and humour to a new group. Breathtaking!” Tracy S.

“Absolutely wonderful! Such a change for me who relies on the music and didn't like singing unaccompanied.” Angela B.

“Thanks for your wonderful, open style. You make it a great learning experience for someone who can't read music. Lightness, sense of humour, great songs and a big smile. Fun beginning to end.” Julie T.

“So great to have the village brought together to sing and to meet so many new singers. Truly inspirational and I am in awe of how you got us to learn so much so quickly.” David G.

“Never done anything like this before. Don't even belong to a choir! Marvellous weekend, much enjoyed.” Diana H.

“Thanks for a super workshop. I think everyone really enjoyed it. I was impressed by your hard work and energy. At one point, I sat down and listened and the sound was fantastic – it sounded like a performance.” Debbie Goodkin, Sounds Allowed, Birmingham

“Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for such a fantastic workshop. We really appreciated your professional yet relaxed approach which helped us have such an enjoyable sing and at the same time feel a great sense of achievement. You're one of those people who make it all look so easy, but we do understand the amount of preparation, energy and talent needed to pull of such a fabulous singing experience.” Sue Surtees, Sounds Allowed, Birmingham

“You did such a good job with us all, and at the same time making everything fun. You definitely have a gift of getting the best out of people and making them feel good about themselves. Good good job. I have already booked in for next year and look forward to seeing what else you can drag out of us !” Ann S.

“I have just returned from your singing weekend and feeling absolutely great. It is the first time I have done something like this and can't believe how much I have enjoyed it. I wish I could bottle the pure enjoyment that we all felt. Thank you for all the effort and encouragement you gave us all particularly for that feel good factor that was with us the whole weekend.” Paul H.

“An excellent day of hard, rewarding work proving that 50 strangers can blend very well indeed in harmony. More, more!”

“Chris has a wicked sense of humour and he's not afraid to use it – I laughed a lot!!”

“This is the 2nd workshop of Chris's that I've attended. Both times I have been impressed with how the warm up is so well thought out, flows into and supports the songs you then sing.”

“Thank you so much for all the fun. It's so rare to find teachers who can really make you want to learn, but also do it with loads of fun. Come back soon please!”