Song recordings

Many of the songs that Chris teaches have been recorded by the choirs that he's led over the years.

"Thanks for sending the recordings. We weren't bad were we?! It was the first time I'd been on a full day of this kind, and it was great, just the right balance of humour and strictness!"

Recordings from past workshops

I have gathered in one place all the recordings I've made over the years at the end of my singing workshops. You can now find specific workshops by date/ place and listen to (and download) the songs recorded. I also plan to make a list of the best recordings of each individual song I've taught, so you can search by name.

Song recordings by workshop place and date

The workshops are ordered here in reverse chronological order, then in alphabetical order of the location they took place in. Click on any underlined link and you'll be taken to the Box website. There you'll find MP3s of the songs from each workshop saved in separate folders. You can listen to them there or download them.


  • All sessions in Wivenhoe from 2012–2020 can be accessed via the SingWiv blog


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Buy recordings of choir songs

Two of the choirs that Chris has led in the past have produced CDs: Woven Chords and WorldSong.

WorldSong CD WorldSong have five CDs available:

  • their first CD, WorldSong, from 2005
  • a compilation of live performances, a decade in harmony, released in 2007
  • Made from Silence, 2010
  • Kumi na Tano, recorded to celebrate their 15th anniversary in 2012
  • and their most recent CD of Christmas songs from around the world, Keresimesi

Woven Chords live CD

Woven Chords released a live CD in 2010 which you can buy from their website: Unfortunately, their first 'studio' CD has sold out.

Next singing workshop

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Saturday 11 May 2024

Harmony singing day London

A fun-filled day of harmony singing taught in Chris's unique style: lashings of humour, oodles of fun and a firm, but gentle hand on the steering wheel. New venue near King's Cross.

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