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Chris has arranged many traditional songs as well as his own compositions. You can purchase these for your choir or singing group. All songs are a cappella and in the original language of the country unless otherwise stated. Arrangements are available for mixed and/or single gender choirs.

"That was a fantastic workshop, one of the best I've been to. The songs were a very good choice and the arrangements interesting without being completely fiendish."

You can find a complete list of songs below. Each song information includes:

  • song title
  • voicings (SATB, SAB or M/F)
  • number of parts (2, 3, 4 or more)
  • brief description
  • ease of learning (quick *, moderate **, challenging ***)
  • country of origin (or composer)

You can sort the list of songs by clicking at the top of the required column (e.g. title, country, no. of parts, etc.). In that way you can easily see, for example, all songs rated 'quick', all songs with 3 parts, all songs in SAB, etc.

Click on any song title to hear a sound clip (songs in red don’t have sound clips at the moment).

All song arrangements are for community choirs so the vocal range is not extreme.

Song arrangements for M/F are intended for all male or all female voices. These are mostly SAA/TBB arrangements, although a small number are SSA/TTB. Mixed groups can use these arrangements by singing in different octaves.

Choirs which have more women than men might find the SAB arrangements more suitable. In most SATB arrangements, the tenor part is suitable for women as well as men.

All songs come with full lyrics, translations, song background (if known!) and performance suggestions.


Ease of learning

One person's 'easy' is another person's 'difficult', so 'ease of learning' is a very subjective notion. Here is a guide to my rough classifications:

  • * QUICK: I think you should be able to get the bulk of any of these songs on their feet in under an hour.
  • ** MODERATE: these songs will take longer than the 'quick' songs because of their structure, timing or harmonies.
  • *** CHALLENGING: these songs will take longer than the 'moderate' songs and are probably best-suited to those singers who have some harmony singing experience.

You can buy sheet music in one of three different formats:

  • musical score (as PDF file)
  • Finale notation file (2010 version)
  • MusicXML which is suitable for importing into later versions of Finale and other notation programs such as Sibelius.

You can also buy:

  • individual recorded parts (plus the full performance of the song) available as MP3 downloads.

You only need to buy one copy of each song regardless of the size of your choir. You also have permission to perform the arrangement at no extra cost.

Each song costs £3 per format (i.e. music notation OR recorded parts) or £5 for BOTH formats (a saving of £1). These will be emailed to you.

Acceptance Mark Payments can be made via PayPal using your credit or debit card (no need to have a PayPal account). PayPal will send you an invoice by email. You can also pay by direct bank transfer (ask for details) or by cheque through the post.

To order (or for more information), please email Chris stating:

  1. titles of the song(s) you want;
  2. which format(s) you want them in (sheet music, notation file, and/or recorded parts)
  3. which voicing(s) you want (SAB, SATB or M/F);
  4. how you want to pay (PayPal, bank transfer or cheque)

These carols are all well-known and quick to learn. I've often taught the harmonies to the audience to end a Christmas concert.

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Song title Voicing Parts Description Level Country/
Angels from the realms of glory SAT
3 19th Century Christmas carol written by Scottish poet James Montgomery * England
Ding dong merrily on high SAT
3 Christmas carol to 16th Century dance tune with lyrics by English composer George Ratcliffe Woodward (1924) * England
God rest ye merry gentlemen SAT
3 English traditional Christmas carol. It is one of the oldest extant carols, dated to the 16th century or earlier. * England
The holly and the ivy SATB 4 Traditional British folk Christmas carol * Britain
We wish you a merry Christmas SAT
3 English traditional Christmas carol from the West Country * England

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Song title Voicing Parts Description Level Country/
2001: A Space Odyssey theme SATB 4 Well-known movie theme arranged for voices ** Richard Strauss
Addio a Lugano SAB
3 Popular song with words by anarchist Pietro Gori ** Italy
Ah ya Zein SAB
3 A well-known Arabic folk song said to have been written and chanted over 1,000 years ago *** Egypt
Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around SATB 4 Trad. spiritual, became an important song for Civil Rights Movement * USA
All around my hat SATB 4 19th C folk song made famous by Steeleye Span. ** England
Alleluya SAB 3 Slow chant-like song * Chris Rowbury
Ar lan y môr SAB
3 Famous love song: On the seashore (in Welsh) * Wales
Auld lang syne SATB 4 Original tune, NOT the well-know version! ** Scotland
Away upon the mountain top SAB
3 Austrian yodelling carol: Da Droben am Berge (in English) ** Austria
Banana boat song SAB
3 Trad. song based on the singing of Edric Connor * Jamaica
Bele mama M/F 2 Trad. song based on the singing of the Mouangé Ensemble, Cameroon * West Africa
Bright Morning Star SAB
3 Gentle hymn, probably from Appalachia ** USA
Bushes and briars SAB 3 Trad. folk song collected by Vaughan Williams ** England
Cancion Mixteca M/F 3 Classic Mexican song about nostalgia; featured in the movie Paris, Texas ** Mexico
Cherokee morning song M/F 3 Sung by women as part of morning prayer. Also works as 3-part round. * Native American
Coalblack Smith SAB
3 Bawdy call & response folk song ** England
Cockles and Mussels SATB 4 Well-known folk song ** Ireland
Da Droben Am Berge SAB
3 Austrian yodelling carol: Away upon the mountain top (in German) ** Austria
De los cuatro muleros SAB 3 Andalucian folk song revived by Lorca * Spain
E papa Waiari SAB
3 Love song and Maori stick game * New Zealand
Eh Kalina, eh Malina SAB
3 Gypsy song of passion * Russia
El condor pasa SAB
3 Written in 1913, English words by Simon & Garfunkel * Peru
Era la vo M/F 3 Lullaby ** Sicily
Everyone can sing SATB 4 Simple warm up song * Chris Rowbury
Farewell my friend SATB
4 Typical call and response African parting song (in English) * Sierra Leone
Feuilles-o SAB
3 Exotic healing song ** Haiti
Hanging Johnny SATB1
4 Gruesome call and response sea shanty. Available in SATB as men's or women's call. ** England
He puru taitama e Young man's lusty courtship song. The men take the lead on this! SAB
4 * New Zealand Maori
Hen wlad fy nhadau SATB 4 National anthem (in Welsh) ** Wales
Hill and gully rider SATB 4 Call and response. Works well with Banana boat song * Jamaica
How can I keep from singing? SATB 4 A fine sentiment to propound! *** USA
I’ll fly away M/F 3 1920s bluegrass style, best-known from O Brother Where Art Thou? movie * USA
It’s autumn time SAB 3 Wistful song in 2/2 *** Chris Rowbury
It’s gonna rain SATB 4 Gospel song about the great flood, starts off as a round * USA
Ja helo SAB
3 Czech mountain holler about a sheep * Czech
Johanna the row-di SAB 3 From Bessie Jones, a founding member of the Georgia Sea Island Singers * USA
Kalinka SAB 3 Well-known Russian song written in 1860. *** Russia
Keep on the sunny side SATB 4 Popular American song written in 1899 made famous by the Carter Family. ** USA
Kimbara M/F 3 Cuban salsa song made famous by Celia Cruz. Timing is a challenge! ** Cuba
Kojo no tsuki SATB
4 Moonlit castle ruins composed for koto by Rentaro Taki in 1901 ** Japan
Kolo kolola SAB 3 From a song by a Kenyan rhumba band. Great rhythm! *** Kenya
Land of my fathers SATB 4 Welsh national anthem Hen wlad fy nhadau (in English) ** Wales
Let’s all welcome in the spring time SATB 4 Upbeat song in 6/8 and 3/4 ** Chris Rowbury
Lisa Lân SAB
3 Love song, featured in the movie Crash (in Welsh) * Wales
Little bird, little bird M/F 2 Children’s circle game song made famous by Elizabeth Mitchell. * USA
Lowlands away SAB
3 Sea shanty about a drowned lover ** England
Ma belle sinkwanee M/F 3 Origins and meaning unknown (includes clapping) ** West Africa ?
Mactavish is dead SAB 3 Nonsense 'mouth music' song with English lyrics * Ireland
Mairi's wedding SAB 3 Well-known Scottish song with English lyrics * Scotland
Mbube SSATB 5/ 6 Version of Solomon Linda’s original, made famous as Wimowey (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) *** South Africa
Morning has broken SAB 3 Christian hymn set to a traditional Scottish Gaelic tune, words by Eleanor Farjeon (1931). Made famous by Cat Stevens. ** Scotland/England
Mun ja mun SATB
4 A gentle yoik in honour of the South Sami people * Finland
New York girls SATB 4 Trad. Also known as Can’t you dance the polka? ** USA
O come Emmanuel SAB
3 Tune: 15th Century processional of French nuns. Words: medieval Latin or English ** France
O postaris SAB
3 Passionate gypsy song of love from a young woman’s point of view *** Czech
Old Miner SAAB
4 Mining song collected from Nuneaton, based on the Silly Sisters’ version ** England
Parting friends SAB 3 A shape note song from the Sacred Harp *** USA
Parting Glass SATB
Famous Irish leaving song ***
Plaisir d’Amour SATB 4 Famous 18th C song, the source for Elvis Presley’s I can't help falling in love *** France
Pleasant and delightful SATB 4 Well-known folk song. Also known as The larks they sang melodious ** England
Raghuphati ragava raja ram M/F 2 Popular Hindu devotional song, favourite of Mahatma Gandhi *** India
Rain and Snow M/F 3 Song about the downsides of marriage from a woman’s point of view * USA
Rattlin' bog SAB 3 Irish version of a classic cumulative song * Ireland
Sakura, sakura SATB
4 Haunting cherry blossom song ** Japan
Sans Day carol SAT
3 19th Century Christmas carol from Cornwall * Cornwall
Searching for lambs SATB 4 Unusual folk song in 5/4 *** England
Senzenina SATB 4 Anti-apartheid folk song * South Africa
Sevivon sov sov SAB 3 A popular Hebrew Hanukkah song that gets faster and faster! ** Jewish
Shenandoah SATB
Gorgeous setting of well-known song ** England
Shortnin' bread SATB
Famous American folk song dating back to the 1890s. This arrangement consists of four separate tunes sung at the same time. * USA
Shosholoza SATB 4 Trad. miner’s song sung by men who travelled by steam train to work in S. Africa’s mines ** Southern Africa
Silent night SATB
Famous Christmas carol Stille nacht in English. ** Germany
Skye boat song SAB 3 Famous folk song recalling the escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie * Scotland
Sloop John B. M/F 5/ 6 Based on the Beach Boys version of this trad. song *** Bahamas
Steal away SATB
Famous old spiritual ** USA
Stille nacht SATB
Silent night in the original German ** Germany
Stolat SAB
3 Well-known drinking song often sung at birthdays ** Poland
Summer is here SATB 4 Celebratory song in slightly tricky 7/8 time ** Chris Rowbury
Suspira, coração triste SAB
3 Heart-breaking song of love (optional guitar part) *** Brazil
Take this hammer SAB
3 Chain gang song via Leadbelly * USA
Thousands or more M/F 3 Also known as Sorrows away. Trad., passed down by the Copper Family ** England
Tom Hark SATB 4 Vocal arrangement of a famous pennywhistle tune * South Africa
Up above the clouds M/F 3 A jolly round in three parts with a large vocal range * Chris Rowbury
Veni, veni Emmanuel SAB
3 O come Emmanuel Tune: 15th Century processional of French nuns. In medieval Latin ** France
Vuma SATB 5 Gospel song from the singing of the Soweto gospel choir. SATB + call * South Africa
While two hearts SAB 3 English version of the Welsh folk song Tra bo dau ** Wales
Wild mountain thyme SAB
3 Trad. tune with words by Frances Peake adapted from Robert Tannahill’s poem * Scotland
Winter time is here SATB 4 A rousing seasonal song in 5/4 time ** Chris Rowbury
You are my sunshine SATB 4 A popular song first recorded in 1939 * USA
Z anynya ö sziep lányát SAB
3 Hungarian song about a daughter ** Hungary