buy recordings of choir songs

Woven Chords live CD Many of the songs that Chris teaches have been recorded by the choirs & groups that he is associated with, notably Woven Chords, WorldSong and Global Harmony.

However, some songs do not appear on any of the choir CDs. In those cases you can contact Chris and he will burn a CD of songs chosen from his repertoire if there are recordings available. These will not necessarily be of the best quality!

WorldSong CD Woven Chords released a live CD in 2010 which you can buy from CDBaby or their website: Unfortunately, their first 'studio' CD has sold out.

WorldSong have four CDs available: their first CD, WorldSong, from 2005; a compilation of live performances, a decade in harmony, released in 2007; Made from Silence; and their most recent CD to celebrate their 15th anniversary, Kumi na Tano. The most recent three CDs are available from CDBaby or iTunes. Full details on their website:

Global Harmony don't currently have an official CD available, but you can contact them through their website and they may be able to sell you one of their concert recordings.