Lullabies from around the world

Learn beautiful lullabies from different cultures, guaranteed to soothe and relax you. A stress-free weekend of singing in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District.

Leon Perrault-Young peasant girl sleeping

"I've been on a number of these types of weekends and I felt that your experience in doing this really showed and also liked your energy and your quirky sense of humour." Participant on 2023 singing weekend

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Friday 25 October 2024 5pm to Sunday 27 October 2024 2pm
Cliff College
Hope Valley
Sheffield, S32 3XG

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Cost: £260 (twin/double) | £270 (single occupancy) PER PERSON
if booked and paid for by 26 July 2024, otherwise £20 per person more


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view from Cliff College

Cliff College is situated on the outskirts of the village of Calver, in the beautiful Peak District National Park. The site is just below Curbar Edge and next to the river Derwent. All rooms are en-suite and have a television and drink-making facilities. Free wi-fi and parking are available on site. There are plenty of excellent walks in the area and you will have time on Saturday afternoon to explore. The venue is a Christian theological college, although the weekend will be secular and open to all, regardless of religious beliefs. However, there is no smoking or alcohol allowed on site. There are several pubs within walking distance.

Cliff College Lullabies are probably universal. Lullabies (or cradle songs) are soothing and gentle songs often sung to children to help them sleep. They're also used for the development of communication skills, to keep an infant's attention, to regulate behaviour and even to pass down or strengthen the cultural roles and practices.

bedroom at Cliff College But lullabies aren't exclusively for children! They can equally well soothe adults. Lullabies have been shown to reduce heart rate, help people to transition to sleep, and reduce stress. One study found lullabies to be the most successful type of music or sound for relieving stress and improving overall psychological health.

Cliff College, Derbyshire Peak District
The melodies of lullabies are usually simple and repetitive and often in 6/8 time. This gives them a characteristic rocking motion, mimicking the movement a baby feels in the womb as the mother moves. Lullabies are usually slow and almost never have musical accompaniment.

Derwent River walk, Curbar
Many beautiful lullabies have been arranged with gorgeous harmonies to create soothing, gentle songs with a full sound. We will be learning some of these arrangements from many different cultural traditions across the globe. Chris teaches everything by ear so there is no need to read music (and there will be no sheet music available).

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Comments from 2023 singing weekends:

"I really enjoyed all of the weekend. I thought that the choices you made for the songs were really good – both challenging and having lovely harmonies."

"I love your enthusiasm and the way you teach brings out the best in us all. The singing was great as was meeting such lovely people."

"I really enjoyed the way you teach us the songs and the energy that you share with us. I'm not used to learning songs so fast, but you made it very possible."

"The ease of learning, expertly facilitated by Chris, was great. I loved learning such a broad variety of songs in other languages. It was lovely getting to know other people with a passion for singing."

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