foot and mouth: voice-theatre

Foot and Mouth logo Formed by Chris in January 2008, Foot and Mouth voice-theatre was a project to experiment with a new form of theatre which places voice and song at its heart.

Meeting weekly in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, 12 performers came together to begin voice, movement and rhythm training. We then began to work on material which was used to make a two short performance pieces about half an hour long each. These were performed to an invited audience in July 2008 and July 2009.

The first of these two pieces was developed into a longer show called all rock and the sandy road. The second piece was re-worked into under a single sky and was premiered at The Belgrade Studio, Coventry.

All rock and the sandy road poster

In February 2010, Foot and Mouth voice-theatre presented their first show all rock and the sandy road to a sell-out audience at The Herbert, Coventry.

In May 2010, Foot and Mouth voice-theatre performed their second show under a single sky, to a keen and appreciative audience at The Belgrade Theatre's B2 Studio in Coventry.

Under a single sky poster Having worked together for 2 1/2 years, this ensemble of 10 developed a close working relationship and cultivated a whole set of performance and vocal skills.

After Chris moved to Suffolk, Foot and Mouth voice-theatre continued for a while under the direction of Simon Ratcliffe, lecturer in voice at the Birmingham School of Acting.

Since this came to an end, the remaining members continue to work together as All mouth, focusing on their singing work.

Drawing on Chris's 25 years' experience as a theatre performer, director and teacher, Foot and Mouth explored what he calls voice theatre. That is, theatre with voice at its heart: singing, speaking, chanting, shouting, moving, whispering, rhythm, body percussion, etc. This is an exciting new departure into a form that doesn't really exist at present. Rather than going to a concert and seeing a static group of people singing, Chris wants to use vocal and theatre techniques to create a new kind of performance. It is non-narrative, poetic and ambiguous, and definitely not musical theatre!

Chris hopes to revive the project at some point. In the meantime, to get a taste of what Foot and Mouth is about, you could always book Chris to run his Mouth Dances and Body Songs workshop.